Case studies are important for SaaS businesses. Some examples of SaaS businesses that could benefit from case studies are web development and marketing agencies, e-commerce websites, or software companies. In each case, it can be useful for the business to have concrete evidence of how specific techniques or strategies have worked in the past. Case studies also provide a way for businesses to share their expertise with potential customers and partners alike.

However, creating effective case studies is not an easy task! Here’s an essential guide on how to create compelling case studies with suggestions on the structure, key points to remember, and more. Also, in this blog post, we share the top seven B2B case study examples to inspire you. Read along!

7 Innovative B2B Case Study Examples To Inspire You

As a busy SaaS marketer, we understand you’re busy. You don’t have time to read through a bunch of case studies to find the good ones. But don’t worry, we’ve done that for you. By looking at these B2B case study examples, we can all learn how to create better content:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce, a CRM platform, used case studies to market its CRM product. The company published several case studies that showcased how customers successfully used CRM software. This strategy helped the company attract new customers and retain existing ones, which in turn led to increased revenue and profitability for Salesforce.

For instance, look at how they have covered the case study of one of its clients Godrej - Genpact builds a scalable ecosystem, powers digital transformation with Salesforce. They started the first section with a quote from a senior person from Genpact and showcased the results achieved in the next section, prominently.


2. Cloudera

Cloudera relied on case studies to market its Hadoop product. The company published several case studies that showcased the power of Hadoop and how it could be used for various purposes, such as data analysis and machine learning.

Have a look at this case study example - Docomo Digital: increasing conversion rates by 20 percent with machine learning. In this case study, Cloudera has used video as well as blog format. Apart from displaying the result prominently, the content has been broken into sections for easy readability - challenges, solution, implementation, and results. It is short and crisp!


3. Zendesk

Zendesk is an online customer support platform that uses case studies to market its services. The company publishes cases that showcase how customers have successfully used Zendesk’s services to solve problems or manage inquiries. An example of a case study published by Zendesk is - Zendesk helps Photobox see the big picture by streamlining CX. In this case study, Zendesk first starts with two quotes from the team at Zendesk, building credibility. It then tells us a little about the brand - when was it founded, customer since, etc. and then displays the numbers to show the impact it created for the business.

The team at Zendesk then goes on to explain in detail about the company, the action taken and the results achieved.


4. Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses analyze their customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing and delivers them the insights they need to close more deals. Basically, it provides autonomous insights that help businesses guide their employees so that they are better aligned and generate more revenue for the business.

The case studies published by Gong are to the point. Here is a case study example of how Drift uses Gong’s “Goldmine of Data'' to Increase Sales Productivity. The case study immediately shows how Gong’s product managed to solve the client’s key challenge. For instance, “More closed deals”, “increased sales productivity” and “more cross-department collaboration” are a few of the specific outcomes. The format is easy to read, with colorful visuals, client testimonials, and product screenshots. It is totally worth reading!


5. Heap

Heap is a digital insights platform that combines quantitative and qualitative analytics for a 360-degree view of a business’s customer journey. With Heap, you can see, understand, and act on every single thing your customers do.

Have a look at one of the case studies by Heap - Alo increases its mobile conversion rate by 3x. Heap immediately showcases the use case and the results in a table format. On the right-hand side, information about the client is mentioned along with quotes from multiple employees to show how Heap’s service helps clients across the organization.


6. Ideo

Ideo is a global design and innovation company. They have a dedicated section for displaying their case studies called Work. All the case studies are in blog format with the first fold focusing on the challenge and the outcome after using Iseo’s services. The case study is broken down by images and quotes of the customer or Ideo’s process of designing.


7. Chili Piper

Whatever channel prospects choose, Chili Piper helps businesses with a solution to qualify and turn leads into meetings, instantly. Chili Piper showcases video case studies on its company website, along with the blog format, with clients talking about Chili Piper, the product, and the results they have achieved.

Here’s an example of a case study by chili Piper - How TravelBank Increased Qualified Meetings Held by 30-40% Using Chili Piper and Clearbit. The case study’s format makes it easy for you to get all the information you need, including results, above the fold with a well-scripted video. The study uses the numbers above to get your attention and then provides a brief explanation of how those results came to be. The entire case study quotes one of the employees from TravelBank to make it more personalized and conversational.


Start Creating Your Case Studies

Well, there you have it. The best B2B case studies we could find through our extensive research. Each of these examples is different from the others but has elaborated on what goes into creating a good lead bait that prevents your prospects from ignoring you for good and keeps them engaged for a longer period.

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